Château Palmer HISTORICAL XIXTH CENTURY WINE L.20.20 (Pre-Arrvial)

Château Palmer HISTORICAL XIXTH CENTURY WINE L.20.20 (Pre-Arrvial)

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size 750mL

  • In the XIXth Century, it was a common practice of the time for Bordeaux vintners to "hermitage" their wines, adding a certain quantity of wine from the Rhône - notably for the Hermitage region - whose Syrah would strengthen the structure and power of the claret. 
  • In the XXIst Century, Château Palmer came up with the idea of bringing this forgotten tradition back to life with the renaissance of Palmer's own hermitagé, the Historical XIXth Century Wine. 
  • A unique wine, based on a blend of emblematic parcels of Château Palmer to which is added, in a moderate proportion, a great Syrah wines from the Northern slopes of the Rhône Valley - the origin of which is kept secret by Thomas Duroux.
  • 10th vintage since 2004.
  • A distinctive blend with Petit Verdot for the first time instead of Merlot.

44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 44% Petit Verdot, 12% Syrah from Northern Rhône

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