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2020 Bordeaux Vintage

The vintage itself was produced under mostly favorable weather conditions, in spite of a wet spring and exceedingly warm summer. In general, the growing season followed a similar pattern to 2016, 2018 and 2019. Early budbreak led to an early flowering in May, which was fortunate, as the vast majority of the harvest was in by September, just before heavy rains in October. Many estates did experience lower yields because of the heat and drought, but the overall quality is very high.

Critics view this vintage as part of a great Bordeaux trilogy -- 2018, 2019 & 2020 -- with this most recent vintage coming in as a more classic Bordeaux than the 2018, with the freshness and balance of the 2019. Ratings submitted by critics thus far seem a bit higher than for both the 2018s and 2019s.
Yield is approximately 10% lower than with the previous two vintages, and could therefore generate a price increase. Nonetheless, considering the reductions from last year, this vintage will still most likely be well-priced. Also critical is the early frost that devastated many estates this spring. Growers are expecting much, much lower yields for 2021, again enhancing the appeal of 2020.
Finally, the significance of the year 2020 itself can’t be overlooked. These wines — produced at the beginning of a new decade in the midst of a worldwide pandemic — are a vintage benchmark that we haven’t seen in quite some time. 
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